Sangeetham Class at Malaysia

Welcome to the Sangeetham Class at Kalakendira Dance School, where we invite you to embark on a musical journey into the enchanting world of Carnatic music. Our Sangeetham classes are designed to introduce beginners to the rich traditions and melodic intricacies of this classical music tradition. We are one of the best at conducting Sangeetham classes in Malaysia

At Kalakendira Dance School, we are proud to have an experienced instructor who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for Carnatic music. Our Sangeetham classes are led by P.Malliga Kumar, a highly skilled and dedicated musician who has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of Carnatic music.

P.Malliga Kumar brings their expertise and enthusiasm to every class, providing personalized attention and guidance to each student. With a focus on building a strong foundation, she creates a nurturing and supportive learning environment for beginners.

Our Sangeetham classes in Malaysia cater specifically to beginners who are eager to learn and explore the world of Carnatic music. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and elements of this classical music tradition.

In our beginner classes, students will learn the basics of Carnatic music notation, including swaras (musical notes), talas (rhythmic cycles), and the structure of simple compositions. Emphasis is placed on developing a strong sense of rhythm and accurate pronunciation.

Under the guidance of P.Malliga Kumar, students will practice vocal exercises to enhance their voice culture and improve their tonal quality. They will also be introduced to devotional songs and beginner-level compositions, enabling them to experience the joy of singing in a structured and supportive environment.

Throughout the classes, the teacher will provide individual attention, offering guidance on proper technique and helping students develop a good understanding of pitch, rhythm, and melody. Students will gain confidence in their singing abilities as they progress through the curriculum. Whether you choose to explore the melodies of Sangeetham or the expressive movements of Bharatanatyam, Kalakendira Dance School is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where beginners can learn and grow. Discover the joy of music and dance as you delve into the rich traditions and artistry of these classical disciplines.


Sangeetham is deeply ingrained in Indian culture, serving as a medium for artistic expression, cultural preservation, and spiritual connection.

Mastering Sangeetham is a lifelong pursuit, requiring dedication, practice, and continuous learning. The journey to mastery varies for each individual.

Sangeetham is open to all who have a passion for music. With the right guidance and dedication, anyone can embark on the journey of learning Sangeetham.

Yes, research suggests that listening to Sangeetham can reduce stress, improve mood, enhance cognitive abilities, and promote overall well-being.

Absolutely! The beauty of Sangeetham lies in its ability to transcend cultural boundaries and touch the hearts of people from diverse backgrounds.