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Founded by ‘Natya Maamani’ ‘Natya Seva’ Shrimathi P.Malliga Kumar in 1983, our dance school has dedicated itself to teaching Bharatanatyam in KL and Selangor, growing to become one of the greatest dance schools in the nation. We continue to share our love for this traditional art form with students from all walks of life, building on our long tradition of developing great dancers and putting on performances of the highest caliber. We offer classes for both Bharatanatyam, Natuvangam and Sangeetham in Kuala Lumpur. Join our exclusive Bharatanatyam class in KL and embark on an extraordinary journey of dance and self-expression

More than 40 years teaching experience​
More than 100 students completed Salangai Poojai​
Total of 20 students completed Arengetram​

Glimpse of our Bharatnatyam performances

“I’ve had the honor of experiencing the rich culture and history of this traditional Indian dance form for the past 40 years while performing Bharatanatyam” I have developed a profound grasp of the intricate gestures, facial emotions, and narrative components that make up Bharatanatyam via countless hours of practice and performance. I’ve gathered a number of tidbits throughout the years, remarkable incidents and performances that have had an impression on me. These excerpts include everything from endearing encounters with other dancers to thrilling shows in front of big crowds. Together, they encapsulate the beauty and ecstasy of Bharatanatyam, and each one of them maintains a special place in my heart.

‘Natya Maamani’ ‘Natya Seva’ Shrimathi P.Malliga Kumar

Decades of Media Coverage: Celebrating the Success of a Bharatanatyam School in KL and Selangor

For the past 40 years, Kalakendira Dance Academy has garnered media attention for its exceptional contribution in Bharatanatyam. Shrimathi P. Malliga Kumar is a well-known dance instructor and mentor who has coached a large number of gifted dancers, many of whom have gone on to have tremendous success in their own right. She has solidified her position as a reputable figure in the world of Bharatanatyam via her commitment and unrelenting passion for the art, creating a lasting impression on her students and the larger community. We are conducting the best Bharatanatyam class in Kuala Lumpur(KL).

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Our Reviews

Vijayalatshmi Periyathamby
Bharatanatyam Class
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Kalakendira dance academy is where my dream to be a dancer came to reality. I must say our teacher further enhance our passion for bharathanatyam. Her guidance and knowledge in this art form is remarkable and I am very proud to be one of her student. Thank you teacher for always being there for us.
Dharshini Nelamagan
Bharatanatyam Class
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I have been learning bharathanatyam from the age of 7 with Teacher Malliga. She have been the most knowledgeable, patient and talented Guru.
vichitra vicu
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I have enjoyed every single lessons and classes here . One of my favourite person is our Guru. She has played a huge huge role in my life. Amazing teacher with great experienc


No, Bharatanatyam can be learned at any age. It is a dance form that welcomes enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.

Ideally, practitioners should aim for regular practice sessions multiple times a week. Consistency in practice is key to progress and improvement.

The time required to become proficient in Bharatanatyam varies depending on individual factors. It generally takes several years of dedicated practice to master the dance form.

Absolutely! Bharatanatyam is open to learners of all ages. Many adults find joy in starting their Bharatanatyam journey later in life.

No, prior dance experience is not necessary to learn Bharatanatyam. Beginners can start from scratch with the guidance of a skilled guru.