The Founding and Growth of Kalakendira Dance Academy

Founded in Kuala Lumpur in 1983, the Kalakendira Dance Academy has expanded its reach over the years. Today, it offers classes in various locations such as Bandar Country Homes Rawang, Desa Jaya, Sungai Buloh, and Bandar Seri Coalfields. Shrimathi P. Malliga Kumar, the principal of the academy, began her training in Bharatanatyam at the young age of five under the tutelage of Mrs. Kamala Ramachandran and Mrs. Indira Manikam of Tanjai Kamala Indira Dance Academy.

Guru P. Malliga Kumar's Training and Artistic Development

After 13 years of studying, Mrs. Kumar travelled to India to further her knowledge in Bharatanatyam. There, she was trained under the tutelage of renowned Kalakshetra master, the late ‘Padmashri’ Adyar K Lakshman, his brother Shriman Rama Rao, and his sister Shrimathi Nagamani Rao of Bangalore. She also received training in dance drama¬†choreography¬†from ‘Padmashri’ Mrs. Chandra K.N. Dhandayuthapani Pillai and learned Nattuvangam from the late ‘Padmashri’ Adyar K. Lakshman.In addition, she also had initial vocal training under ‘Thavil Vidhvan’ V. Doraimani and ‘Oduvar’ Ratnasababathi Desikar. She also learned Veenai under Salem Jayalakshmi. Today, Mrs. P. Malliga Kumar is a devoted teacher and is highly committed to the art form. She has received multiple recognition for her unique choreography and innovative presentation of the divine art form.

Mrs. Kumar’s accolades include the title ‘Natya Maamani’ by the Malaysian Indian Writers Association in May 1993. She also received the ‘Best Dance Guru MTA Award 2008’ in December 2009 by the Malaysian Tamil Artistes Association. In 2022, she was configured the title ‘Natya Seva’ by Malaysian Bharatanatyam Dance Association (MBDA). Over the years, Kalakendira Dance Academy has conducted numerous Salangai Poojai and Arangetrams. Additionally, it has produced various dance programs to raise funds for temples, charities, and international events such as the Pacific Asia Tourism Association Conference (PATA) and Tamil Research Conferences in Kuala Lumpur and Mauritius.

Kalakendira Dance Academy's Productions and Contributions to the Community

The academy’s first dance drama production was ‘Gangai,’ which was staged in September 1991 in conjunction with the 100th year Anniversary of the Batu Caves Murugan Temple. Mrs. P.Malliga Kumar also produced the dance drama ‘Panjali Sabatham’, in the year of 2010. This production comprised 45 students to raise funds for the Scott Road Kandaswamy Temple at Brickfields. On the fourth day of Navarathiri in 2014, the teacher showcased the enchanting dance drama called “Mahimai Tharum Bagavathi”. Currently the school is having various classes teaching teaching the classical art form